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Saving Money On The Cost Of Cleaning Products For Your Business

With inflation on the rise and the cost of living also increasing, it can be worrying for business owners as they watch the operation costs of their business increase. The rising cost of raw materials and energy increases the prices of many products your business may need, such as cleaning products. However, there are things you can do to help reduce these costs and limit your overheads, helping to save your business money. You can find some tips below to help you with this and get the best deal on the cleaning products your business needs without spending too much money.

Make Yourself A Shopping List

You will first need to create a list of all the cleaning products your company uses and purchases regularly. The best way to do this is to review your suppliers’ invoices for the last twelve months and list everything you have bought. Note the brand, unit price, supplier, and quantity you purchased, as you may save money when bulk-buying items. Once you have completed your list of products, you will want to create a spreadsheet to log all the information and make it easier to find the best supplier for what you need.

Create A Spreadsheet For Your Shopping List

You can now create a spreadsheet for your shopping list and a separate page for each item you need to buy. On each page, you can list the current supplier you use, the unit price you pay, any discounts available, delivery costs, and company contact details. Once you have done this for each product you need, such as industrial floor cleaning solution, heavy-duty degreaser, or disinfectant, you can compare prices online to help you find the most affordable supplier for your business.

Start Shopping For Your Cleaning Supplies

Now you know what you need and how much you are currently paying for it, you can start looking for suitable alternatives online that may be cheaper and help your company save money. It is worth considering no-name or shop brands of cleaning products that are often just as effective at cleaning but cost significantly less. Work through all the products on your spreadsheet and find the best deals possible for each item. You must ensure that you factor in the cost of shipping, and where possible, it can be beneficial to get as many products from one supplier as possible, and it is sometimes worth spending a little more per unit. You can often save money even when the unit price is higher when you can get multiple items from the same supplier and reduce your delivery costs.

Update Your Spreadsheet Regularly

Once you have gone through all the products on your list and found the most cost-effective suppliers, that is not the end. You will need to update the prices on your list regularly as they go up and down, so you will want to revise the prices every couple of months and ensure you are getting the best deal. With some organisation, you can reduce the overheads on the products your company buys and ensure you still have everything you need to keep your workplace clean.

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